Bianyo Artist Acrylic Paint (Review)

My daughter LOVES to paint on canvas. She says it helps her to relax. The acrylic paint is her favorite. 

This is a large variety of vibrant colors that she can mix and play around with for her painting needs. You get 24 colors in this pack but no worries they blend really well together when mixing to get other colors. You can also layer them really well. My daughter likes to paint the full background first with these acrylic paints let it dry fully then paint on top for the main picture. I personally love how it looks when it’s all dry the finish is fantastic and looks flawless. She is still learning what all she can do with painting and believe you me she is just a beginner. These can be used by beginners like her or even professional painters. 

Now if you aren’t one who likes to paint on canvas which is my daughter’s favorite thing at the moment. You can also use these paints for painting on wood, glass, plastic, crafts, foam, ceramic, decorative wallpaper and so much more. You’ll just have to explore and find what you as an artist likes best. 

Overall; A wonderful set of paint and you can even close it back up once fine. It comes in a handy box. You pay just $15.99 for it and can create many masterpieces. I can’t wait to see what my daughter comes up with next. I will add the photo below once she finishes. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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