I cut my hair .. find out why 

Today I chopped a decent amount of my hair off. It’s something I haven’t done in at least three years. The last few years, I was just dedicated to growing my hair as long as possible – and I did! This past summer, my hair was the longest it’s probably ever been. I loved it except at night it liked to choke me haha! It basically got so long that it begin to look dead. My ends of the hair were a frayed out mess. It just didn’t look healthy any more. 

I had made an on going bet with Jason Aldean and Josh Thompson. I said “IF Any Ol Barstool goes into the top songs on the mediabase charts I will cut my hair.” Well today I go and check the charts the song is sitting at number 3 and steady going up the charts. I headed to see my friend Heather. She chopped off some of my hair but was careful not to get it too short. Lord help me y’all what am I to do with short hair again. 

You can see it’s a huge change from what I was use to for sure. I know it will grow back out. It’s not a big deal. I’m just not a huge fan of shorter hair especially on me. This always makes my face look round and fuller ewwww!!! 

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am abnormally attached to my hair, so doing something this different was a huge step for me. However I wanted to make good by holding up my end of the bet. Yes the song is only at number 3 but that’s HUGE for Josh Thompson oh yeah and Aldean too. I’m so proud of them. I have faith it will reach all the way to number one or I wouldn’t have chopped my hair so soon. But I’m currently rocking a medium-length haircut and I kinda sort of LOVE it. Seriously, I am obsessed with the way it looks and feels, and it takes so much faster to dry now. Haha shhh don’t tell anyone I said that. It will just take some friends a bit to get use to after me not changing the look for three years. 

Here’s to changing my hair style due to a bet and growing it back out quickly as possible lol. 


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