Smurfs The Lost Village

My children Larrmyne and Emaleigh are both super excited about seeing Smurfs The Lost Village. It’s in theaters nation wide on April 7, 2017 … TODAY!!!!! 

You can view the movie trailer

Are your children (child) or even you excited about seeing the movie? Mine have both been telling me about the movie each time the trailor comes on TV. This is a new take on the Smurfs movie as it’s no longer seems to have any live-action. The movie is now a fully animated comedy and doing so I know it’s to reach the younger crowds. I can’t wait to watch it with my children and see what the smurfs find out following the mysterious map, will they find their way out of the forbidden forrest or will they find?

I will add the full review of what my children and I think of it soon as we go see it in theaters. 


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