Custom Made Picture Puzzle (Review) 

This comes in a custom made puzzle of why picture of your personal choice long as you have the rights to it. I took the photograph of my children last fall. This picture just happens to be a favorite so I thought it would be a fun puzzle to put together. It’s easy to submit a photo on the website. Then you can pick the pieces size you want the piczzle. I personally decided to choose the 99 pieces. It’s rather big pieces just so you know and perfect for my kids to put together. They loved the idea. 

My daughter put together herself quickly while my son worked on himself. 

The pieces went together with ease and didn’t have to force the pieces together. 

This would be a great idea for a gift for someone. It would also make an awesome baby announcement or wedding idea for save the date. You can customize these with text also. The choice of different shapes is up to you as well. I just liked the regular shape with no text across it. I can’t wait to order another one. I’m super excited about it and have many ideas going through my head. 

This is before we placed it all together showing the different sides. 

This is the piczzle once it was finished by my children. Yes I probably should have got more pieces instead of the 99 pieces but it was fun for them. They liked it and it’s a nice keepsake. 

Have fun snapping photos and turn one of your favorites into a piczzle. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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