LeDoux Waters Water Filter 64Cup Countertop Water Filter Dispenser (Review) 

I couldn’t wait for this water filter dispenser to arrive to my home. I’ve been buying about 7 cases of water if not more per month. I can’t drink the water where we live due to the loud smell that comes from it. I also don’t think it’s very safe to drink. 

The filter system arrived quickly after ordering it. The process went quickly when orderingbiy as well. It comes well packaged and with simple instructions. I say simple due to the fact they are easy to read and go step by step. I couldn’t wait to put together my filter system so we did it the first day we recieved it in mail from FedEx. 

Once we got it all together we realized quickly it was easier to fill up a water jug from tap and pour into the filter system. I guess you could use a large cup too. It holds about 4 gallons from my calculations. The first time you fill it up it will seem to take forever to filter. It was like a full day before it all filtered through out. However once done it’s so worth it. 

The water coming from the filter system is fresh crisp and clean. The taste of it to me is actually so much better than bottled water. I can’t believe it turned my tap water into something this good. I can drink water again from the tap for say but it’s filtered first. This will surely cut down on extra expenses of buying cases of water for cooking & using in my coffee maker. 

The filters on top and middle will have to be switched out in 6 months. I did read in the instructions it has numbers to go by where you can order more. I will order in about 5 months to make sure its here in time to be switched out. The bottom filter is switched out in two years so say in 2019ish. 

This filter is saving me money already and is doing great by filtering my water. It’s easy to use and even my kids can turn it on. The speed it comes out is just right. I leave it sitting on the bar so anyone can have access to it. Water is something we all need daily and with it sitting there it gives everyone a chance to grab a glass or two. Bottoms up! 

I love this water filter system and it’s a fantastic buy! 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! 


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