ComfySure Contour Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillow (Review) 

My queen size bamboo air pillow arrived and it rolled up inside of the packaging. It took a few minutes to get it out. 

This is how it appears once it’s finally out of all the packaging. Yes that pillow is flat! No worries though. I took it and tossed it into the dryer with a snuggles sheet for about 10 minutes. I did check it at about 5 minutes and it seemed to be doing some fluffing so I left that additional 5 minutes. 

You can opt to take the outside cover off and wash / dry it if the smell is bad. However mine wasn’t once I got it out of the dryer. It smelled like my snuggle dryer sheet. 

This is the ending result after the dryer. Yes you can tell by the photo that the bamboo air pillow is much more fluffy. 

I put it inside of a new pillow case that I recently got with my queen bed sheets. It fit perfectly. Then put it on bed. Once heading off to dreamland last night I slept on the pillow. It done really well all night long. I didn’t seem to get too hot which cases me to flip the pillow. It didn’t make my neck have an awful crick in it or even my backache. 

Overall; I’m impressed with the design of the pillow and how it performs at night during sleeping. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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