Hand Tri-Spinner Fidget Stress Relief Toys for Adults and Kids (Review) 

I’ve wondered lately what the big fuss was over finding fidget spinners. It’s like all the stores are sold out all over town. This is the hottest selling toy and teachers in schools are telling kids do not bring them to class. Bummer right? Well it is especially for the kids who have trouble focusing. I have trouble so I personally know how it was all throughout school. 

I recently ordered a fidget spinner which mine is what I guess some would call a tri-spinner since it has three sides to it. These come in all kinds of colors and styles. It’s up to you which one you pick for your own personal needs of yourself or child.

You can spin it on any of the three sides or place your thumb and pointer finger in center. This holds it in place while you spin it around. The speed of the spin depends upon you and how quickly you made it turn. It’s all sort of tricks you can do also. I can only make it spin on my thumb but hey that’s ok. 

When you are looking for one of the fidget spinners I would suggest looking for one well built in center. This has a lot to do with how well it works, construction of it, and overall preformace of the toy itself. Yes I have found out it’s some really expensive ones out there for sale vs the cheaper made versions which some say knock offs. 

The one I got works fine and I haven’t had any problems with it spinning or really how it functions. I like the idea of it to help kids focus. However I do see the problem with it being a distraction in class to other students. I mean who wouldn’t want to say “hey let me see if I can do that.” Or “Let’s see who’s can spin the fastest until it stops.” 

Overall; The fidget spinner is great for keeping you busy but I wouldn’t send mine to school my kids. I don’t mind them having it on road trips or while doing homework. It’s just another fad and before you blink something else will be taking its place. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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