Cocktail Shaker Gift Set (Review & Giveaway) 

I’m picky about how my cocktails are mixed and personally I’d much rather do them myself. We all have our own preferences of how we like our drinks.

This is a great gift set that comes complete with a three piece professional cocktail shaker (drink mixer), large 25 oz – 750 ml TIN that can hold up to three drinks, a Premium Double size 1oz & 0.5 oz Measurement Jigger and 2 Professional pourers. This also comes with a digital eBooks with 100 Famous Recipes for Cocktails and Mocktails and everything you need to know about Bars and more. This all comes inside of a nice velvet bag which is perfect for travel. I don’t take mine on the go with me. It stays at my house where I can have my drinks and not get in trouble for being out and about partying.

The cocktail shaker is made from high-quality stainless steel. It’s leak proof with a built in strainer and doesn’t make a mess while making your favorite drink. Perfect kit mixer for making ice cold cocktail recipes such as Americano, Margarita, Daiquiri, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Long Island Iced Tea or an Apple Martini, Prepare liquor flavor or nonalcoholic drinks with your new bar equipment tool. The cocktail shake itself is dishwasher safe so that makes for easy clean up once done making amazing drinks.

Time to start shaking up some drinks.

***Giveaway for my readers and winner will be picked May 14th, 2017.***

Cocktail Shaker Gift Set Giveaway

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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