Self Cleaning Fur & Coat Care Brush Suitable For Dogs & Cats (Review)

I have a husky dog and she loves to be brushed but it’s always hard finding a brush that won’t break. Her fur is so thick and cheap brushes will just snap. The ones that don’t become impossible to clean all the fur out of or else pulls her fur. This then makes her growl and get aggerivated. However when using this brush it will gently glide through her thick fur. It doesn’t seem to bother her. She will lay down and let me do and even roll over on her back so I can get her belly and stuff (not much hair there). I think she likes this brush so far. The thing I really like about this brush is that I can push button and it will release all the fur. I don’t have to pick it out and never see the end. My hand also doesn’t hurt when I’m using it. The brush is very comfortable fitting to my hand. It takes me a good twenty minutes to fully brush my husky correctly. Yes sometimes she will get in a hurry and want to go run and play. Then those brush times become more like a 5 minute deal. 

Overall; My husky love the brush and now her hair looks neater and nicer than it did before using it. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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