Extra Large Plaid Family Picnic Blanket (Review) 

This is a extra large plaid picnic blanket for the whole family to use the size is 80 x 60. I couldn’t believe how large it was when I got it all folded out to use the first time. The kids wanted a small picnic lunch when school let out for the summer so we did. We all really enjoyed it and had plenty of room. I realized quickly it was waterproof my daughter spilled some bottle water on it by accident and it rolled off easily without getting it wet at all. 

Now this weekend I’m taking it to cma fest since they say no chairs but can bring blankets. It will be perfect for the outdoor shows where we can sit on the grass and enjoy our food, drinks and listening to live music. This picnic blanket is also great for beach, camping, using as an emergency throw blanket, use at the park, sporting events, festivals, concerts, hiking and etc. 

It’s easy to travel around with it as it’s compact and portable when folded. This will shrink down to 14 x 7 and becomes lightweight and has a handle for easy to tote from place to place. 

Let’s say you get it dirty from being on the grass / ground and need to wash it. This won’t be a problem since it’s fully machine washable. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 



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