Crush-It! Baseball & bat (Review) 

My kids love playing baseball so this crush it baseball bat and ball was ideal for them. The baseball bat strings can be tightened or untightened to fit your needs. My kids keep it a nice medium. I will tell you if you tighten it too much the lines will snap. The ball is on the softer side so it’s not like a hard baseball bat. My kids have enjoyed playing with this baseball bat and ball for many hours. Now I personally noticed that it’s on the heavier side but with a nine and eleven year old it works out fine for them to play with it. 

**UPDATE** my kids tightened it a bit too much and snapped a couple of the strings and it’s no way to fix them. However they can still play with it. I just want to advise people to be careful. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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