Emoji Charms with Suction 12 Pack, Perfect Markers for Everything from Wine Glass to Red Cups! (Review)

We all love emoji’s and these charms are just too cute. They come in a 12 pack with all different designs on them. The back of them have suction cups on them. These hold to glasses, beer bottles, plates, mirrors, windows, bathtubs, coke cans or anything where a suction cup can be held. I love them because they give personality. My kids love them because they’re emoji’s and give them something fun to decorate with. You can use one or however many you would like. However be sure to share with friends if they’re around you too. I totally think these would be a hit at birthday parties, graduation parties, tailgating, sporting events, bbq’s this summer or even pool parties. My kids on the other hand would rather them be during movie night, sleepovers or just for fun. It’s really up to you where you use them and how you decorate with them. I will be ordering more really soon so we have more on hand during parties and social events. They would also make great stocking stuffers for this coming Christmas or great to add to grab bags at a party. These are so cute you can’t resist them and having fun. I recommend these no matter what age you are so you can show your personality and have fun.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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