Exercise Resistance Bands (Review)

These exercise bands are made from a latex  material. The colors you will receive inside your package is blue, yellow, red and black. They come inside of a nice holder which has a draw strong at top. I do have a bit of trouble getting them back inside after using them. 
This set of 4 resistance bands come in 12″ by 2″ and your resistance band levels are; Light: 15-20 lbs ( Blue, 0.5mm thick) Medium: 20-30 lbs ( Yellow, 0.7mm thick) Heavy: 30-35 lbs ( Red, 1 mm thick) X-Heavy: 35-40 lbs ( Black, 1.2mm thick) 
This lets you choose which is best for you to use while working out and stretching, during yoga or even for crossfit. These can also be used for injury recovery from people that suffer from leg, knee and back injuries. It can help with recovery for a torn MCL and ACL, knee replacement, patella, and meniscus rehab. 
You can tell these resistance bands can be used for a lot. I like mine and it’s helping me a great deal with my back. I’m hoping to soon be done with therapy and be back to normal as can be after a back injury. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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