Name Tag Labels “Hello My Name Is” (Review)

You get 200 labels per roll saying “Hello my name is”. They come in colorful labels at top of ( Red ,Pink,Yellow,Purple,Blue,Green) These are ideal for events, family parties, school, sporting events, auctions, VBS, birthday parties, office use and etc.  

I like these because rather than repeating my name over and over to different people plus I love the fun colors. You can also decorate them to fit your personality. My kids used them for VBS so everyone would know their names easily. 

Once you write your name on the name tag pull it off the sticky paper and place on your clothing. No worries it won’t ruin your clothes. You can always take it off when you are done using it. 

When you order you’ll receive – 1 roll name tag stickers. 200-300 labels per roll. Each label is approximately 3.46″*2″(8.8cm*5.1cm).

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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