Squishy Peach Stress Ball (Review) 

Do you ever become stressed? You feel like you are angry and need to hit something? Ok so all of us have these feelings from time to time. I know I stress more than I personally should. This cushioncare peach squishy ball that smells like a peach has really helped me. I was also having tingling in my hands, hands/fingers going to sleep and etc. I don’t have that happen as much now when using this to squish around in my hand. It also helps me from biting my nails so much which I do a lot when I get stressed out. I can grab it as hard as I want to and squish it then it will pop right back to how it was before I squished it. The design of it perfectly fits in my hand, it smells like a peach, with it being lightweight I can carry with me in my purse and on the go. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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