Indoor 4-Line Retractable Clothesline – Clothes Dryer with 4 Bonus Hanging Hooks – Instantly Adds 40 Feet of Drying Space – Includes 10 Free Clothespins (Review)

I finally got my boyfriend to put this up in my laundry room. He said I couldn’t just hang it anywhere due to the fact it had to be hung on a stud. I knew nothing hardly about that so he took over the getting it installed for me. This process of installing it took less than ten minutes to get it all together and show me how it would work. The indoor clothes line is great for my delicate blouses and etc. I always hang them up to dry on hangers and yes that looks tacky. Now I have this indoor clothes line so I gently place them on it and they dry. Then I take them down and it’s retractable lines so I just place them all back where they go and no one ever knows what it is. I also enjoy the hooks below where I can hang items like my bra to dry if I want to do so. This would absolutely be good for a college student. I like mine so far.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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