Baby Car Seat Canopy (Review) 

I know I often get tired of seeing people looking at the infant in the car seat or reaching over to touch it. My first thought is do you not think about germs and being a parent with two older children. I personally still often think of germs going right for my infant when it comes to someone else. 

This multi-use canopy car seat cover is made from ultra soft stretchy bamboo rayon that’s easy to adjust and fits over most car seats. One Cover – Endless Uses Designed for the Mom on the go – Use it for breastfeeding, as a stroller cover and protection against germs from grocery store carts. Yes including like I said those strangers that feel the need to touch on the infant. These come in a lot of different funk pattern designs which means you can wrap it around you as a stylish infinity scarf or shawl. You can even use it as an emergency burp rag! Save time and space in your diaper bag by investing in one great canopy cover. It’s machine washable too! Protect Your Baby’s Privacy- Total 360 degree coverage The design covers you from all angles allowing you to protect you and your baby’s privacy while feeding, even in the busiest of places. Mothers can wear it with one arm out of the cover, or both arms in depending on your preference. Perfect for multi-tasking super moms! Comfortable Material The breathable BPA free Bamboo Rayon material ensures your infant is comfortable in any environment while protecting them from excess heat, light, air conditioning and nosy strangers. Ensures no more fussing, trying to kick and get out the covers during nursing. A perfect baby shower gift for any new mom. This thing does it all and protects the infant. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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