Fidget Spinner With LED (Review) 

This is Fidget Spinner which you can use with or without the LED lights on. 

This is how it looks before you turn on the LED lights. You see those bumps on each section – well that’s how you turn on the fidget spinner. 

You press the buttons on each one to turn it on. My camera didn’t really catch it well enough. Yes so of course it looks all green but that’s because it was blinking different colors. 

Then you can press the buttons again to switch the modes. It has two different modes. This looks best when used in the dark. DIY your own style. You can swap up the style however you like.

Then when you start to spin the fidget spinner you will notice the different light patterns it will make. 

And again …. 

Once switched to a different mode … it shows all kind of colors. I love this pic (below) 

This is the last pic I took … 

I noticed it wanted to spin rather slower than some fidget sinners I own. It doesn’t spin more than 20 seconds at most. This wouldn’t be a fidget spinner you would want to use if testing who’s can go the longest on spinning. 

The battery inside can support 2 months of play. I don’t never play with it long at a time so it may last longer. The battery can be replaced by you if they do run out. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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