Colourifique Gel Pens (Review)

Gel pens have always been one of my favorite things to use when doing invites to parties by hand, scrap booking, memories in a book, writing letters to people, signing cards and etc. These gel pens come in a round cylinder with 36 inside it. The tops match the colors so it’s not hard to pick out color fastly your wanting at the moment. I used all them and four skipped around not wanting to flow out very well. Two didn’t want to work at all. The rest worked well and look amazing when showing the color on paper. Now days these are used for coloring in adult coloring books so this pack would be ok for that too. It’s honestly up to you what you choose to do with these. Fun times and also amazing for kids it’s a fun way to get them to be creative and have fun with pen and paper.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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