EasyUp Beach Tent (Review)

When you take your family to the beach like I do on hot summer day we always put our stuff on the sand & head for the water. Now we have this easyup beach tent that is quick to set up and the whole family can use it. The quick cabana sun shelter will be up within seconds of taking it out of the travel bag it comes inside. The tent is 102″L X 53″D X 45″H, comfortably fit 2-3 people as family tent use. This is great for our family while on beach trips. The color of it is blue which also matches the travel bag it comes inside. It’s made of lightweight polyester  fabric with silver coating for good performance for water resistant and Anti-UV coating 50+. 

I highly love that it includes assembly instruction. Yes sometimes even people like me who think I know everything need instructions. These instructions were attached inside the bag and easily read. Then once done easily put them back into the bag. I know some people will want to rip them off but I didn’t. I placed mine in the bag for next time. I figured my teen may want to take this easyup tent to beach with them. I never know what kind of trip they may have coming up so I left it attached for cases such as that. 

It also comes with sand pockets, 8 steel stakes for beach, backyard, parks or picnics use. You will also find it has 2 side windows can be opened or closed for your personal preference and 4 corner pockets for keeping your things in place. Yes I put my phone in there once in a while it keeps it safe and out of the sand. Plus also comes with 4wind ropes included as gifts. When finished using this tent I can easily place it back into carrying bag. This makes it simple for carrying it & transporting it. 

This is the bag which makes is easy to carry the easyup tent place to place. However be careful at top not to pull out the bag. I tie mine in a bow so it stays together. The strap on the side is really nice and fits right on my back so when I park the car I can easily grab it and go. 

Once it’s all wrapped back up and tied together it will look like this. Yes not my best but it is fine for me and fits into the bag with ease. The ties are easily done and help it to stay in place while inside the bag. Yes you will notice one end is bigger than the other. However after three times of trying to get it to roll up a bit smaller I finally left it like this. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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