Foot Cream (Review) 

I wear flip flops and sandals all spring and summer. I have also been known to wear them during fall and winter. Yes crazy I know but living in Mississippi the weather is so bipolar at times it’s warm all year. My feet are a huge concern of mine. It’s how people can tell you take care of yourself. I’m tired of struggling to file down the stubborn calluses. I’d rather show off my gorgeous feet and painted toenails without thinking omg they look a hot mess. I know that sometimes I’ve had cracked, dry, flaky heels and that isn’t very attractive. It’s down right gross! I recently started trying this foot cream and I can already tell a difference in my feet appearance. They look more hydrated, silk to the touch and less dry skin is appearing. I don’t have to waste my money having it done at the nail shop. I can use this foot cream in the comfort of my own home. It’s well worth the price for my feet to look and feel fabulous! 

My mom even wanted to try this product on her feet. This pic is her feet BEFORE we started the foot cream on them. You can see dead skin, flaking skin, and rough spots all on both feet. They don’t look summer ready do they? I know they don’t! 

 I put some on the left foot (right side in pic) and none on the right foot (left side in pic). Yes you can tell a difference I know you can. I surely can as it’s much more alive, colorful, no flaking skin and a big difference. 

This foot cream really works and helps to make feet look amazing after using it. Yes it may take a couple times to notice a huge difference but it will work. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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