Queen Size Sheets 4 Pieces (Review) 

I ordered these queen sized sheets for my main bed that I sleep in all the time. Now typically white isn’t the color I would normally choose, but why not? I would have a cleaner looking room with white sheets. I figured I would give it a shot with these sheets. I failed to realize they are made of brushed microfiber. I know it’s totally my fault for not reading past queen size sheets at a good price. I’m allergic to microfiber. I don’t know why exactly but I am. When I noticed I couldn’t get these off my bed quick enough. I rewashed them to put on the queen size bed in the guest bedroom. 

The sheets are made of a good quality. They hold up when washing since I’ve washed them now four times. I haven’t noticed any pebbels appearing on them. Now sometimes that can be rubbing of feet when sleeping or it can be from washing the sheets. I also haven’t noticed any pealing of these sheets. They aren’t super thick but not super thin. However it’s not see through but maybe. a grade up from that on thickness. You won’t get hot and uncomfortable if you use or sleep on these sheets. 

This sheet set comes with the flat sheet, fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases. It’s a complete set if you ask me. 

It’s a good price so you get what you pay for and don’t expect more is my general rule. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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