Silicone Baking / Grilling Gloves (Review) 

I’m not a fan of how these fit my hands or my arms. I don’t like anything this far up my arms. I can’t really move around in these. The fabric inside keeps my hands like in one place and makes me feel uncomfortable wearing these. I did use them a few times while cooking on the house oven. I just can’t get over how the feel on me. I can’t be the one grilling with these on, but I’m keeping the as a back up pair for when we grill at the lake.

Overall; When I used them in the house I didn’t feel any wheat through them so they do protect your hands really well when using. However as I stated you can’t move a lot in these at least I couldn’t. I’d be scared that I may drop something hot and make a mess. Another reason I don’t like this pair of silicone gloves.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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