Gurin Compact Dehumidifier (Review) 

This is a small dehumidifier which works great in my bathroom but not so wonderfully in my bigger rooms. My main bathroom has no windows so humidity build up in there majorly if we take hot showers. I needed something to clear out some of the moisture. This works but it takes a bit. The fan that runs on it is pretty quiet. I just wish the unit would clear out the bathroom quicker and work on larger rooms too. I have noticed my bathroom smelling better and not so ugh yucky after my showers.


*Easy to operate

*Works well in small rooms

*Fan that runs is ok not too loud

*Small and compact

*16 ounce tank

*No compressor 

*Kind of quiet


*Only works for small rooms

*Kind of wants to wobble – so unstable – be careful where you place it

Overall; I have used this in my bathroom a couple weeks and have yet to notice it making a HUGE difference. However it has made a medium difference. Plus I can tell that it smells better and not so musky yucky after showers are taken.

I would recommend this to you if and only if you are using it in a small area (bathroom, closet, RV) not intended for larger rooms/areas.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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