Keeva Body Wash (Review) 

I’m picky about what I put on my body as I need an antibacterial brand of soap. I thought I’d try this one out because it was all natural. Ok so I was basically fooled by just reading the front of the bottle. Once you read the full list of ingredients you will learn that it doesn’t have argan oil, coconut oil and etc in it like it says. Yes after researching what some of the words were I did find out it has a moisturizer it. I used this on my body a few times and can tell you that it hasn’t irritated my body. This is a good sign. Plus after using it I notice how soft my legs are and even after shaving. I never would notice this before unless I sprayed down after my shower with dry oil. I didn’t have to spray down after showering with this wash so that was nice. The smell of this body wash is nice and doesn’t overpower you. I don’t like those soaps that you can smell from I say a mile away. I did give this three stars as for the front of bottle makes you think one thing and the back makes you realize another. This bottle is a good size and great price but it’s always nice to know what’s going onto the body before using a product.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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