Organic Conditioner (Review) 

When it says organic but the label of ingredients says something totally different – that is a huge problem! It says that it has tea tree oil, coconut oil and argan oil in it, but the fact is – I didn’t see any of this inside the ingredients on the back. I did read water as the very first ingredient on this bottle. Another was something that will dry out your hair. I’m sure most people want to stay away from those kind of ingredients. I’m rather let down at the list myself and at the company for putting this as an organic product. Now I did test this product out on my hair. It’s a very creamy product and works into my hair well for a nice lather. It didn’t cause my hair to be greasy or dried out more than normal than I could tell. I didn’t like that it seemed to add weight to my hair. My hair is heavy enough. I personally choose not to use conditioner / cream rinse on a daily basis. This would be a product that I wouldn’t choose to use a lot. It’s s nice size bottle, pump style, creamy rinse and washes out well. The smell is nice and not over powering. I had to give it two stars.


*nice size bottle

*pump style

*nice smell that’s not over powering

*lathers up well

*rinses out of hair easy


*leaves hair heavier than usual


*Not an organic product

*None of the products on the front are found on the back of ingredients in this product.

  • Buyer make sure when buying organic products you read which products are in the ingredients. You always want to know what’s going onto your hair even if it says organic as this double check it.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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