Kuuk Silicone Small Ice Ball Maker (Review) 

These ice ball makers come in a twin pack. It saves you money and with this it makes 8 balls (4 balls in each tray.) Each pack (green and blue) are so easy to use. However it took me a bit to get the ice balls perfect. The first time I tried it lets not talk about what they looked like. I don’t even want to tell but it was totally great for a funny laugh and made good conversation with friends lol. These are a high grade silicone and easy to clean up with soap and water. The silicone makes it super easy to remove the ice balls. Im totally loving how these balls don’t slow melt and won’t dilute your favorite scotch. These are a great investment and cost a fraction of the cost of whiskey stuns and other ice makers. 


After months of using these ice trays and washing them very well. The ice is now picking up stuff on outside of it which is like floating in our glasses. I have discarded the ice trays due to this. It honestly looked like some sort of oil so I guess it came from the silicone itself. My glass and a few friends glasses who had ice inside of them noticed this. I was like “wow that’s really gross!” Yes we lost those drinks but hey to stay healthy and fine we didn’t mind tossing the drinks out. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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