Naturalico Rechargeable Callus Remover (Review) 

Are you ready for summer? Are your feet? Do you have cracked heels or some calluses? 

If you do I have a solution called Naturalico rechargeable callus remover. It comes with grinding roller heads and 1 cleaning brushing included. 

This Naturalico callus remover saves me money and works tons better than those manual files. I love that it’s rechargeable and will help to reduce battery waste. 

Before you use this callus remover you will need to charge it up. It shows a red light that indicates it charging. 

The Naturalico foot exfoliation tool gently will lift away dead skin and minimizes calluses. It’s a powerful foot file tool that spins a full 360 degrees at a speed of 40 turns per second. I like that it has 2 speeds so I can pick which ever one is perfect for me. 

When you are using the callus remover it’s like super easy to operate it. Once you find your dry callus skin you will then turn on the unit. You’ll then begin to move the Naturalico callus remover gently on your rough calluses. I love the LED light that helps me see each of the rough/callus spots on your feet. Then once you finish he sure to rinse all the dead skin off your feet with warm water. I personally then apply lotion/foot cream to my feet. This makes them baby smooth and feet so soft. 

Your feet like mine will start to feel so much smoother with each time that you use your Naturalico and use lotion. I know I can sure tell a difference in mine. They look almost perfect enough to wear my sandals for this summer. 

You have to remember your calluses didn’t appear over night and so you can’t expect them to go away that fast either. It’s just a process. 

It’s very simple to clean; water resistant design for quick and easy washing. 

If your file roller dulls down you can switch out the heads very easily with a click. Then again if someone else is using your Naturalico callus remover you both need to be using different heads not the same one. You would want to keep it clean and not share germs. 

Just think your feet will be ready for the summer and flip flops in no time. 

Overall; the price is rather affordable. The sleek design makes it to be an awesome gift for anyone. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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