Retractable Dog Leash (Review) 

This dog leash is lightweight and small enough to carry with you anywhere. It came at the perfect time. You can see we just happened to get another puppy this weekend. He is a lab mix and my son has begged me for one since two years ago. I finally gave in and got him one maybe not the exact color but fairly close to it. The leash is perfect color, size and length for him. He doesn’t like to pull as he will pretty much walk beside us. The clip hooks on his collar and it’s easy to walk him. It’s a heavy duty clip so no having to worry about it snapping and breaking. Once done going for the walk it will retract back and be ready for next time use. 




*easy to carry with you 

*clip is heavy duty 


*color can go either girl or boy 

*doesn’t tangle up 

*holds up to large dogs (grows with dog if you get leash while a puppy)

*great to use as a leash for afternoon walks

*Handle for my wrist 



*no stopper button 

*dog can only go so far & then it stops 

*can choke pet if they pull with all their might on leash (yes it happens)

*shorter than expected 

Overall; The leash works well for my lab puppy. He seems to enjoy his walks so far. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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