BenQ Genie Lamp (Review) 

This BenQ genie lamp is super easy to assemble and use. It does come with an extender but I didn’t use it as my just wanted it for reading. 

She love to sit and read for hours. She escapes into the book and always wants to keep reading it. This genie lamp is great for doing that as she can set the LED light to how she wants it. The warmer light or the cooler light it’s just an easy adjustment with a knob at the top. You can see it in the photograph above. The warmer light is for reading usually and the cooler tone is more for studying and other work that needs to be done. 

The lamp can be adjusted to what is good for you. I like how the base of it is heavy so it won’t flip over. The sturdiness is great for a table, desk, or etc. You can use this in your home or office. She has another one that’s used in her sewing room it’s also from BenQ but it’s the e-reading lamp. 

My daughter has also used it for painting to see what she is doing. She likes to sketch out her drawing once background is done on canvas. Then she can begin to paint it. It’s also great when she is sketching and drawing or using color pencils / water color pencils. 

This genie lamp by BenQ has a lot of uses. You will have to find what’s bests for your personal use in your home or office. It does come in different colors so that would also be a personal preference. Mine came in the gray color which goes with any room. I like it best so it doesn’t stand out. 


  • Heavy bottom base so it won’t flip
  • Knob for switching of light brightness from warmer to cooler tone
  • Can be used at home or in a office
  • An extrender can be attached so it can be a taller light if needed
  • Adjusting the arm is easy and can be done to personal use for whatever you maybe doing. 
  • Easy to put together 


  • None as of right now.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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