Makeup Bag & Cosmetic Traveling Organizer (Review) 

My mornings are sometimes rushed and I personally don’t have enough time to put on my make up. This is a convenient spacious cosmetic makeup bag. It measures 10″ x 7″ x 3″ in size.

I can place all my favorite makeup inside of it from my favorite lipstick, lip liner, lipgloss, eyeshadow, eye liner, blush, foundation, primer, concealer, mascara, q-tips, makeup wipes, brushes for everything that I need plus a couple I rarely use. It can hold so much stuff inside of it. 

The bag is made with 5 different sections, pockets are nice and big, the places for the brushes hold them nicely in place, the zippers are well made. The handle is good for carrying it different places. I travel a lot so it’s perfect for organizing my makeup and accessories securely in one place. The bag itself is made of a durable and well made nylon material with reinforced edges. I love that it’s black and wipes off easily if I spill my foundation powder on it or even my blush yes it happens when I’m in a rush. This bag is designed to stand on its own, it won’t tip over, items won’t fall out of place and it leaves me hands free once I put it down. 

*I didn’t take photos with makeup or any of my accessories inside of it as they don’t come with the product when ordered. I didn’t want a confusion going on if that was seen.* 

Overall; It’s perfect for adult and teenagers who use it at home, school or even while on the go. I travel a lot for concerts so I will be taking mine with me a lot. I have to look my best for all the photo opps I get with different people. It fits everything I need nice and neatly inside of it. 

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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