Chinese Paper Sky Lanterns (Review)

These Chinese paper sky lanterns arrive in a package of ten which are assorted colors. No worries each of the paper sky lanterns are individually wrapped so if you only want to use a couple at a time that’s fine too. The others will save until you are ready to open and use them. I love the size of these which is XL (35 inches) and makes them easy to see when floating in the sky.

Yesterday had been 20 years since my uncle had a stroke. We sadly lost him 12 days laters. We sent up a couple lanterns yesterday to remember him. It was beautiful and really bitter sweet.

I love how you can create magical moments with these Chinese paper lanterns. It’s really easy to use and sending them off into the sky is simple.

You can decorate these Chinese paper sky lanterns with your own wording. It’s up to you to send the messages to heavens above with these or you can say a prayer and send them up. I said a prayer and we lifted ours into the air.

Now you can celebrate different occasions with these from weddings, engagements, birthdays, festivals, annual events, 4th of July, New Years, New babies and so much more. The best part they already come fully assembled for your convenience so you don’t get flustered when things don’t go right. Yes they are paper so that would be a bad combo.

Once you send them into the sky and start to worry about oh no are they biodegradable and etc. No worries they are made of a type of material which is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. You personally won’t have to worry about where your Chinese paper sky lanterns will land or if they will be putting litter some where. Just enjoy them as the lanterns slowly drift out of sight.

These are very colorful when they light up the sky for your special occasion. I personally like these better than fireworks now which always scare me with my children messing with them. My son almost set hisself on fire on New Years and my daughter tried to turn a Roman candle toward me while lit. Whew yes accidents happen but thankfully they were ok those two times with some quick thinking. We will now be using Chinese paper sky lanterns a lot more around here. The kids love them as much as us adults.

Overall; The ten Chinese paper sky lanterns are assorted in different colors. You can write messages on them if you wish. Material is made from biodegradable and eco friendly paper. Super easy to use! Great for many different occasions. It would be fun to do a gender reveal using them. How exciting would that be? So many beautiful lanterns with blue or pink floating gracefully into the sky. Ahh and if it was a rainbow baby all ten colors would be totally perfect for that too but make sure you had extra of the color (pink / blue) for the official gender. These are XL in size so it makes easier for the eye to spot as it drifts into the sky. I highly recommend them to everyone.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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