DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Beauty Device iLight 3 Plus (Review)

I’m just going to go ahead and be honest I don’t like hair anywhere. I shave my arms, arm pits, legs, and bikini area. I can’t stand the thought of hair. I even fight with the fact I have hair as long as I do on my head. Haha!

I have been looking for a long time for some kind of way to keep my hair on legs, arms, arm pits and even bikini area from growing back so fast. I have really course hair so when it comes back it’s jet black and prickly. I have an olive color completion from what I’ve been told. I can use a man’s razor which is what I mostly shave with and it doesn’t help from growing back as fast either. I’ve even tried like nair and magic lather. Yes neither of those have helped only like burnt my skin even after reading and following directions.

Ok so spring and summer 2018 is coming up so you know I’m working out getting ready for bikin and swimsuit season. Yes I have to rock it! I want to wear some shorts and not capris or jeans all year. I want to look presentable and cute. Let’s just take a moment and be honest no one is cute with hair that needs to be shaved like yesterday! It’s not hot, cute or even attractive – it’s just gross and needs to be gone!

I’ve been checking around at different alternatives to shaving. I finally came across this DEESS permanent hair removal beauty device. Yes it’s price caught me a bit off guard. However I received one fairly quickly after purchase. It arrived inside of a nice gift box which can be used to store it when not in use. I firstly sat quietly to read the instructions. Yes this took a little bit as I was trying to make sure I was taking in exactly how to do it correctly without burning my skin and etc. I highly recommend if you read everything. It’s not hard to understand it’s just a bit to remember.

It’s very important to first check that the hair removal device is suitable for your combination of hair and for your skin tone. This device isn’t suitable for everyone.

You must keep in mind when using this device it’s for long term treatment. This will require you to do a series of weekly treatment cycles and then monthly cycle until you achieve the permanent hair loss. Now it make take you longer than it took someone else. This really depends on you and how well this device responds to you personally.

Once you are ready to use the device be sure to put on the glasses to protect your eyes while device is in use. These glasses are pretty awesome too and fold up compact. I like them and they feel pretty comfortable too. No they aren’t like regular sunglasses before you ask.

When you are ready to power on the hair removal device you just hold down the button for 3 seconds. You will do the exact same thing when you’re ready to turn it off. The red + green light will be blinking and you can hear the fan to know it’s on and properly working. This is used for hair removal of the lips, chin, sideburns, armpits, legs, tummy, bikini, private parts. Yes just any where you have hair and want it gone. I’ve said it once and will say it again I don’t like hair at all.

The device itself is pretty much point and click. However yes it took me a few times before I completely realized point at your skin till green light comes on, and then you click as you go. You’ll be able to set your intensity level that you would like. I personally suggest you starting with a level 1 (low) because level 5 (full on) may seem like a bit much at first. I’ve played around with it and never felt anything until like level 4 and it was rather a milder sensation. Describing the feeling would be like someone snapping an elastic band at me or something like that surely not like a bee sting which would be really painful.

You will be a pro at this in no time long as you follow the instructions for proper hair removal. You kind of have to play with the settings to find which is right for you personally. Once setting is right you point and click, flash of light happens, and move it to next spot. I experience a sort of warm sensation depending upon the setting I use if it’s no too intense.

I’ve used it about two weeks now going on my third week and noticed my hair is being treated well. Now the growth has seemed to slow down a bit and it’s not coming in as fast as it had previously. I know it will take time to make it completely stop growing. It’s so far so good with each session.

The manual says don’t get out into direct sunlight immediately after using. I guess it’s a good thing I’m doing it on these cold Mississippi days of winter time. I’ll be ready for the sunny warm days by the time spring and summer roll around.

Overall; Comes in a gift box, instructions are easy to read and understand, adjustable intensity, it’s stylish, easy to use, comes with protective glasses which fold up, great to use and makes hair really respond after a few sessions. I recommend it being great to have and skip the razor part of shaving. I’m now more focused on spring and summer coming up and looking amazing!

I will keep you posted on the full 6-10 weeks of my future treatments. However so far so good.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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