Valentines Gift For My Guy Friend …

Ok so it’s that time of the year which I try my best to ignore. However it’s a day I do buy my children and some guy friends stuff but I like to be unique. This year I went with the Pinterest idea of getting regular candy and making it my own style of cute sayings. Yes I wanted to personalize stuff because if you know me personally I love the idea of play on words. My personality is a bit crazy at times but why not keep the laughs going.

This all started with my gathering different kinds of candy and tossing it into a valentines bag. Yes I done this for about two weeks. I would get something and then we like oh wait I could do this too. Then I would return to the store to get more. Me and my guy friend love inside jokes and etc. We have know each other 16 years so growing up since teens till adults it’s been a crazy few years with MANY jokes.

This is what the bag looked like earlier this week and it was all just tossed inside. I took some of the bigger bags of candy out so you could see inside this bag.

I had to take this bag of blow pops out so you could get the idea of all the candy in the bag. Yes I’m going to use these blow pops too just out of the bag.

This is how it all looked today once I poured it out on my bed. Then I started working on what I wanted to put on different sayings. I will post the sayings below so you are wondering what they are on each sticky note.

I got my sticky labels and heart stickers with some markers. Then I started to work on things. Yes some of then jokes are sexual so don’t get upset. I have no shame in what I say to my guy friends. We are all grown. This one and I have been talking for a while.

Everything says:

*Warhead worms -I’m hooked on you

*Starburst (box) -You make my heart burst

*Butterfinger bites – I won’t let you slip through my butter-fingers

*Junior mints – We are “mint” to be together

*Lighters (2 Pack) – you light up my life

*Flask – alcohol is my valentine

*Reese hearts – have I told you “Reese”ntly how much I love you!

*Reese pieces – I love you to pieces

*Blow pops – I wanna blow you till you pop

*Now & Later – I want you now and later .. the other side says – I will love you now and later

*Extra gum – I’m extra lucky to have a guy like you

*Gummy bears – I miss and love you “beary” much

*Sweethearts – How sweet is it to have a love like this?

*Mystery pop – My love for you is no mystery

*100 Grand – you are priceless to me. (2) I wouldn’t trade you for a …

*M&M’s – I love making memories with you

*Whatchamacallit – I want your whatchamacallit in my whatchamacallit soon.

*Almond Joy – It’s a joy to have you in my life

*Skittles – (1) Taste the rainbow (2) you color my world

*Starburst (small) – Bursting with happiness your in my life

*Planters Nuts – I’m nuts about you

*Hot cinnamon candle – Hot just like you

*Kisses – Kisses for you when I’m not around.

Once I finished everything I placed it nicely back into the gift bag for valentines. I will grab him a bottle of liquor soon. Then it’s off to give it to him.

Valentine’s Day for the guy friend is finished. Hope y’all enjoyed what I done. Yes you could do the same and make it your own style. I was being playful, joking, and being my wild self. We are adults. He will just laugh it off and keep going.

Happy Valentines 2018 💕

It’s totally finished, tissue paper and all & I’m giving it to him tonight. Yes I added his bottle of Vodka (Valentines Only Day Kissing Allowed). We have joked about kissing and just don’t do it much. I also added a Valentines card. I got a extra one so I can add pics of it.


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