ESSA – VitaClarify – Premium Multi Vitamin Organic Facial Cleanser

This is a new facial cleaner which I’m trying it’s called Vita Clarify. It can be used on all skin types. Yes even for those with sensitive skin types like myself.

I would highly suggest before using it that you do test it on your skin as I did before using it nightly. Once I realized it would be ok to use and not break me out due to the ingredients inside of it. I began to use it nightly on my face.

This only takes a small bit to lather up and get your whole face clean. It will remove all the dirt, grind, and makeup from my face. You just lather your face and then either splash water to cleanse the face of facial cleaner or you can opt to use a rag. I do either or depending if I’m washing my face via the shower or if I have just decided to wash it at the sink. I know we are all different and with me being a single mom let me just be honest I do forget to wash my face with my facial cleaner at times. This is why I will later do it at the sink before I head to bed at night time.

Below is raw image photos of me showing what the lather looks like after you add a bit of water to it. My face does start to tingle after getting it rubbed in a bit. This isn’t a bad tingle though it’s one that lets me know it’s cleaning my face and working.

Now I washed this off with a bath cloth once I was done washing my face this night.

After my face was washed are photos below.

I noticed the later of this facial cleaner is really nice which I mentioned above it not taking much to clean your face. The smell is nice and pleasant which is great it’s not over powering. I personally think it smells like cucumber. You can really tell a difference after using this facial cleaner just for a few days even. My face instantly feels cleaner soon as I wash it at night. I don’t like acne but then again who does. I haven’t had any issues with it while using this product. You could also use this in the morning times if you choose to do so as it’s a smooth style cleaner for the face. It doesn’t leave red marks for like micro beads or anything none of that. The cleaner is smooth and works fantastic! You may experience some sort of tingling but honestly it’s nothing that should alarm you. It’s just that refreshing part of washing and cleansing your face.

My 11 year old daughter Emaleigh even seems to like how the facial cleanser works on her skin. She had began to break out across her forehead. I know it’s probably hormones but I don’t want people calling her names due to acne. It’s actually helped clear that up some. Yes of course it didn’t happen over night so it’s going to take a bit of time to heal and clear up.

Overall; I’m very pleased and impressed by this product. I had problems with other facial cleaners drying my skin out and making it flake like feeling. However I’ve had good results so far with this one. It actually has seemed to moisturize it and leave a nice refreshing glow. I would recommend this facial cleaner to teens and adults.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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