Lewonde Beach Blanket

I’m the type of person that in the summer time I live around the lake, beach or even the ocean. I’ve been called a fish out of water from time to time. It’s just a place I love to be from boat riding, swimming, camping out, hanging with friends or laying out soaking up the sun. I was in search of a good beach towel for summer of 2018. I knew I wanted it large enough for me and possibly another person. I found one and you can too here.

I received this over sized 7′ x 9′ beach towel in a couple days after I ordered it. Yes it’s early spring time in Mississippi. However it ensures me I have it in time for the pool, lake, ocean or etc.

I took it out and had to see exactly how big it was because I was excited. The material is polyester. It’s lightweight, sand proof, easily wiped off, dries quickly and easy to handle. I liked how it has a small pocket for my cell phone, keys and smaller items ok even my iPad / kindle with a zipper.

The thing about this that really sold me is that it has steaks & sand bag places to keep it on the ground so if the wind is blowing. I thought this is excellent for when I’m away and it won’t be flying across the sandy beach.

I mentioned it was before summer here in Mississippi however I can still use this right now during the spring for family picnics. It’s fantastic for those days when I want to take the family on a small adventure and have lunch on a grassy hill. Yes I’ve even done this in my own backyard. I take any chance I can with my children to spend some time with them.

Once I’m finished with the beach towel I can fold it up and place it back inside of it’s carrying bag. It’s easy to take with me, doesn’t take up much room, and I love it! I think you, friends and even your own family would love it too. I can’t wait to take it to the beach with me.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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