Kitchen Silicone Clip on Food Strainer (Green)

We love having spaghetti for dinner and even other pasta made meals such as Mac and cheese (so yummy), suddenly salad (favorite is bacon chicken ranch or the Southwest kind), and etc. You can also use this when washing fruits, vegetables and other items not just pasta. I’m always needing a food strainer and around … Continue reading Kitchen Silicone Clip on Food Strainer (Green)


Gracie’s Condiment Tray With Ice Chamber (Review)

Our house is usually having fun in the kitchen, by the grill, or whatever the occasion. When you cook burgers, tacos, dips, raw vegetables, different kinds of cube style cheese or pieces of meat, ice cream sundae toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy worms, or etc you want toppings. I know we do - … Continue reading Gracie’s Condiment Tray With Ice Chamber (Review)

Lasten Wooden Rolling Pin (Review)

My daughter Emaleigh loves making and baking cookies. When I saw this wooden rolling pin; I thought to myself perfect for her when making cookies. I gave it to her and this is what she done with it. I must add her Mimi helped her too. They rolled out the cookie dough nicely with the … Continue reading Lasten Wooden Rolling Pin (Review)

BitElegant 34oz French Press Coffee & Tea Maker (Review)

I love having tea and coffee when guest drop by the house. This is a luxury modern design of a french press / tea maker that goes with any kitchen. This is designed with the finest micro filter and will make the best tasting coffee. I have tried coffee from a drip maker and other … Continue reading BitElegant 34oz French Press Coffee & Tea Maker (Review)

Poultry Shears (Review)

These are heavy duty kitchen shears great multi purpose cooking tool for any kitchen. They’re great for cutting, slicing or snipping chicken, meat, fish, vegetables or pastry. You can also use it to quickly open the top off a good cold beer while cooking or conveniently crack some nuts and enjoy them. These will be … Continue reading Poultry Shears (Review)

Bambooworx Professional Pizza Cutter Wheel (Review) 

My family loves making homemade pizza for any time. I’ve even made it at night and later put it in fridge for breakfast. Yes we all love cold cooked pizza for morning breakfast something about it makes it so much better. Do you eat cold pizza for breakfast? I know some people have to hear … Continue reading Bambooworx Professional Pizza Cutter Wheel (Review) 

Waxonware Sauce Pan (Review) 

This pot arrived quickly after ordering it. When it arrived I honestly didn't expect it to be this heavy in weight. It's really nice thought. The top is nice too and the place to let out the steam is rather different. I'm not use to that being on my other pots. It has nice rubber … Continue reading Waxonware Sauce Pan (Review) 

Silicone Oven Gloves (Review)

My mom needed a pair of silicone oven gloves that were thick enough not to burn though when holding hot items. When I saw these I thought perfect because it's truly endless possibilities with these gloves.  When they arrived in the mail mom couldn't wait to try them out. She was baking some cookies for my … Continue reading Silicone Oven Gloves (Review)

Sea Turtle – Stainless Steel Cups Set Of 4 (Review) 

I remember drinking from stainless steel cups as a child and it kept the drinks nice and cold. I now can share this same experince with my children.  These SeaTurtle stainless steel cups come in a set of 4. The kids cups are 10 ounces (2) and adult cups are 16 ounce pint size cups … Continue reading Sea Turtle – Stainless Steel Cups Set Of 4 (Review)