Trustech Remote Table Fan

It’s summer time and in Mississippi it’s hot. I ordered this desk top fan for my bedroom. It’s a sleek slim box design which means I can place this basically any where in my room. The portable style and convent handle is really nice so if I want to move it to a different room … Continue reading Trustech Remote Table Fan


Moreplus Solar String Lights

I love do it yourself projects and when lights are added it can be that detail needed the most. These lights are on a copper wire that’s flexible, you can easily bend into any shape of wrap around a beautiful wreath, some trees, your flowers, great for weddings, birthdays, prom, engagements, house warmings and etc. … Continue reading Moreplus Solar String Lights

Go to Sleep, Sheep! Book Review and Giveaway

Product Description: Tuck your little one in with Go to Sleep, Sheep!, a giggle-inducing story that helps convince even the most stubborn bedtime resisters to close their eyes and count a few sheep before bed. Children will love the cuddly cute artwork and sparkly glitter on the barn-shaped cover of this adorable book. Consumer description: … Continue reading Go to Sleep, Sheep! Book Review and Giveaway

Ema Playing With Her New Boomerang & The Adventure Of What Happened!

This is how this afternoon went ... Ema asked to play with the boomerang I searched all over town for so I said “ok sure.” We went outside it was doing great! She would toss it & it come back. Pictures shown. I’m not saying she caught it every time because no she didn’t. She … Continue reading Ema Playing With Her New Boomerang & The Adventure Of What Happened!

Word Rush by Tactic Games Review

It's not uncommon to hear at least one of my children to say, I'm bored and have nothing to do! Surely my children aren't the only ones, I did this as a child too. I'm always in search of something fun for them to do that doesn't involve electronics. I call them baby sitters for … Continue reading Word Rush by Tactic Games Review